Cooler Than Elsa

Most of you probably don’t know, but I’m on hiatus, and suppose to be working on my book.  I decided to be a rebel and treat myself because, well, I just finished a huge turning point and now all I have to do is cruise along and write the middle (or as I like to call, ‘the Meat’) and wrap it all off with a sparkling and mind-blowing conclusion.

Did I mention that the deadline’s in twenty-nine days?


I had a massive breakdown at the end of last month that resulted in a session of ‘why mes.’   I’m surprisingly chill about the whole situation.  In fact, I’m as chill as a frozen cucumber.  I’m putting Elsa to shame!  All I have to do is write 1,120 words per day.  I can do that half-asleep!  I make it sound so easy.  This will be fun.  It shall be a great adventure.  I won’t need any help!  Any support would be greatly appreciated.

 I’ve recently decided to extend the deadline to February 14th, 2016.  Otherwise my book would be rushed and, well, stink.  Also, I’m not hating my book as much because of it.

2 thoughts on “Cooler Than Elsa

  1. Siim Land says:

    Having just finished the last bits of editing on my own book I definately know what you’re going through! 😀 What helped me the most was to enjoy the process and not focus that much on perfection. In my own eyes it will never be completely finished nor ready for publication. But inorder to actually make progress we need to let go of this OCD behaviour 😀

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    • nitapan14 says:

      You’re absolutely correct about it never being completely finished or ready. I do believe that I will enjoy writing this next bit, though, so, if I can hold on to that enthusiasm, it will be smooth sailing!


      Good luck with the editing! I know a lot of writers hate it, killing your darlings and all, but that’s actually my favorite bit.


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