Immortality Without Creativity


Facebook, as it would turn out, has other uses than obsessing over peoples’ timelines.  The illustrator of Margaret Rogerson’s An Enchantment of Ravens, Charlie Bowater, creates fan art for the Throne of Glass series.  I’ve seen dozens of her works and I get quite excited when I see a new project of hers.  When I saw this book pop up in a Throne of Glass group, I figured that I just had to check it out.  And check it out I did.

Artist Isobel creates breathtaking portraits for the fair folk.  These immortals cannot do anything creative without crumbling to dust.  So naturally, they crave human Craft terribly, and will trade enchantments for said Craft.  Isobel is over the moon when the autumn prince, Rook, is her patron.  But she paints mortal sorrow in his eyes, and this weakness could cost him his throne and both of their lives.

Bursting with lyrical prose and journeying across lush faery settings, Isobel and Rook grow close, even while they’re attacked at all sides.  Honestly, this wasn’t my favorite fae book but it certainly wasn’t the worst I’ve read.  The romance was a bit too quick for my taste but that could be just me.  I’m usually more of a fan of romantic relationships that form over the course of a series, not within the first one hundred or so pages.

Other than Rook and Isobel’s slightly forced connection, it was a wonderful light read.  I rate it four out of  five stars.

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