Paranoia, is That You?


Ever since I convinced my mom to read the River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren back in 2012 and we some of the other’s favorite books, we trust each other.  When it comes to books, if my mom tells me to read a book or thinks that I’ll like it, I’ll give it a shot.  So when she told me about a book about seemingly perfect families and zombies, I thought this would be a creepy fun read.  Amy Lukavic’s The Ravenous was certainly creepy.

From the outside, the Cane family looks like they’re the perfect military family.  Behind closed doors their father is neglectful, their mother struggles with depression and addiction, and the sisters barely stand each other.  When the youngest sister, Rose, dies in a tragic accident, the sisters are devastated, and when she’s brought back to life, they couldn’t be more relieved.  But after their mother deserts them and they discover that Rose must eat human flesh to survive, the sisters find out how far they’ll go to keep their fractured family together.

It takes a lot for a book to truly frighten me, and this book did, pulling out my fear of cannibals out of the shadows.  While the concept of the living dead surviving on human flesh is very “zombie,” the way Amy Lukavics delivers it is very “cannibal.”  Suffice to say, I slept with a light on for the next several nights.  (Thanks, Mom.)

With the fear of being devoured in my sleep keeping me on the edge of my seat (and bed and, well, everything), I bestow upon The Ravenous five out of five stars.  I’m looking forward to reading The Women in the Walls and Daughters Unto Devils and getting thoroughly terrified.

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