Meet the Creator: Marie Malo

For the second interview, I’d like to chat with Marie Malo, a fellow writer I met in, you guessed it, a coffee shop.

Where are you from or where do you live?

From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. Lived in USA since ’96, in various Midwest locations.

Off the top of your head, what is your favorite book?

That was Then and This is Now. I also love the first Mortal Instruments book.

Do your preferred reading and writing genres differ? If so, how?

I write YA and I like to read YA. I read other stuff to, but I like the range of emotions in YA. Some genres have certain expectation they have to fill… i.e. romance has to end happy. I like that YA seems to have more freedom to write, and offers more surprises when reading. 

Do you have a writer, living or dead, whose work is greatly influential to yours?

S.E. Hinton. She wrote stories that made sense to me, when I was a kid.

Where do you get your ideas from?

We were bad kids with no supervision. Friendships mattered. You were loyal or got beat up. I also have a muse, lol.

On average, how long does it take you to get started writing a piece? Do you outline or just go for it?

 I don’t outline. To be fair…I am only on my second book. Maybe I will try outlining if I ever complete this project.

What’s your favorite part of writing? Least favorite?

I love that writing high. When you get into that mindset and things are going well. That sweet spot.

What’s one thing that you love about the writing process?

 Its an escape. Sometimes a cathartic one.

Where and when do you usually get your writing done?

 I write all over. But mornings find me at the coffee shop I barista-ed in. 

What are some of your non-writing related hobbies?

I am a dishaholic. Love vintage dishware and antiques. Am restoring my 1890 home.

Do you have anything published?

 Nothing published. I do have a great website if you are interested in morose poetry.

What are you working on now?

I am writing a coming-of-age story about three young adults centering around their senior year of high school. They become so entwined in each others lives that, when shit starts happening, they all need to step back, lick their wounds, and develop the strength to face some really tough issues…on their own.

What’s some writing advice you wish someone had given you?

I got lots of great advice. Am super thankful for the people that took the time to walk me through the first draft of my first book. My best advice for others… Join a critique group and get beta readers. I like the online critique groups to start out. People are less scared of hurting your feelings if they cant see your face, and I think that makes them more honest.

Marie Malo obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology and a diploma in Child and Youth Work in her Canadian hometown, before moving to the United States. She currently resides in the Mid-west. She is seeking representation for her first novel, Too Tangled to Move. She can be found on Twitter, Instagram and her website.

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