From Ashes to Magic: Deleted Scene

In celebration for From Ashes to Magic‘s release this upcoming Monday, I decided to dive into my files. Much to my joy, I found several deleted scenes from my short story in From Ashes to Magic, Life and Death. After going though them, I settled on my favorite bit that didn’t make it to the final cut. I hope that you all enjoy this deleted scene from when the physical manifestation of Time itself was a point-of-view character!

Life is an idiot
but at least she’s not blind.
Death is the real idiot,
and he’ll fuck everything up.
I know that I’ve been a
little bitch,
and that I’ll screw them over,
but they have 
no fucking idea.
Even though I hadn’t been
created yet,
because of what I am,
I know,
what the tiny gods did
and how after they
stole the younger humans
and started killing the pissed parents,
Daddy Dearest whipped us up
from his “darkest misery and torment”
 into three self-centered,
almost all-powerful,
and overly dramatic
angst cakes.
I used to try to play nice
and get along with my siblings,
but it got boring.
Besides, if I had went
and will go along with
what they think
that I should do,
everything will be
so fucked up.
And I’ve seen
all possible timelines.
That’s literally who I am.
I know everything.
Life gets chronically
stressed with her
duties and powers.
I try to keep her company
by gabbing at her in her head,
but I think that’s
freaking her out a bit.
I love my job.
I can play around in
timelines where
humanity was oh so thoroughly
wiped out,
and futures where
Life and Death
didn’t become as
thick as thieves.
But this timeline
is the only one that’s
any fun and doesn’t end with 
me, spectacular me, dead.
I suppose that I’m
“doing the right thing”
and “being heroic.”
I don’t see it that way.
My intentions aren’t good.
I just want to do what
will end up being the most entertaining
in the timeline I’m guiding
 everyone on.
How am I being a
“good person”
if it’s for my own personal gain?
these ethical questions
are giving me 
a fucking huge headache.

If you enjoyed this, maybe you would enjoy the polished story Life and Death in From Ashes to Magic? From Ashes to Magic, A Supernatural Beings anthology, is due to be released December 2nd, 2019. Just click the image below to check it out on The e-book is currently available for preorder, and only for $.99!

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