Fate is Inexorable

A clever heroine who falls for a ruined house… and the house that has a mind of its own falls for her. When C.M. Rosens offered to let me beta read The Crows, I couldn’t be more excited. Curses, a murder, and a spooky town all wrapped up in a blanket of dark humor? A very emotionally unavailable monster boy from next-door with a penchant for cannibalism? Sign me the heck up!

When isolated Carrie Rickard falls in love with a ruined house, her life is forever altered… especially since the feeling is mutual. Fairwood House, knows among the locals as The Crows, gives her shattered life a new meaning. But with that meaning comes baggage: an unsolved child murder, rumors of a curse, and a very interested neighbor.

With the house whispering to her, Carrie is thrust into a world of witchcraft, the supernatural, and lots and lots of blood magic. Her only ally seems to be Ricky Porter, her eldritch soothsayer neighbor, who is just as obsessed with the house as she is.

Ricky is desperate to become the master of The Crows and the arcane artifact it guards. He has seen Carrie’s future: she is destined to die in thirty-three days. But is his offer to help sincere or is he the reason why she’s doomed?

The Crows is gruesome, mystical, and so damn hilarious. I read it across a couple of months, gobbled it up in one sitting for the second time, and just about died when I realized that it had ended. Again. And Ricky? If there ever was a character I would want to befriend, hug, and smack across the head, it was Ricky. The Crows was my favorite read of 2019, and I’m so looking forward to reading it again in 2020. I bestow upon it five out of five stars.

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