Dear Depression

Dear Depression, I gave away all of the good parts of me to others in order to feel like you weren't all that I was. I didn't talk to anyone about you; I just bled into my journal. I tried for so long to rescue everyone that I could touch to not feel you for … Continue reading Dear Depression

Dear Love

Dear Love, You hurt.  You make me cry.  You keep me up at night.  You shove me past the brink of no return.  You warm me.  You give me something to hold on to.  When I glimpse you, I never want to live life without you. Your exquisite agony is something I've discovered that I … Continue reading Dear Love

Dear Time

Dear Time, Tick tock goes the clock!  Around and round the minute and hour hands spin, counting down our lives.  In a way, you own us.  We've let you become our life's dictator. Everything's go, go, GO!  There's never enough of you for all that we "have" to do. Wearing you in the wrinkles and scars … Continue reading Dear Time

Dear Words

Dear Words, You're long.  You're short.  You can astound us and smash us to minuscule pieces.  We string you together and you define our identity.  I find myself obsessing over how to order you in every page, every paragraph.  I exhaust you throughout the day with both my mouth and pen. They say to use … Continue reading Dear Words