Screams, Aches, Longings

Screams. An itch, I twitch. Building up with each stroke against the keyboard. I ache. Aches. A soreness, I moan. Growing with every zero in my inbox. I long. Longings. An agony, I whimper. Overflowing with every time I wish not to be alone at night. Copyright © 2019 by Nita Pan All rights reserved. … Continue reading Screams, Aches, Longings

Happy Birthday to Me

Slapping my cheek, I shake all negative thought out of my mind.  "They're just caught in traffic." I ramble to no one particular.  "Yeah, and they have no cell phone signal." Lies.  Nine hundred people live within the town limits.  No one gets caught in traffic. Florescent blue flakes fall on my lap as I … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me