Fate is Inexorable

A clever heroine who falls for a ruined house... and the house that has a mind of its own falls for her. When C.M. Rosens offered to let me beta read The Crows, I couldn't be more excited. Curses, a murder, and a spooky town all wrapped up in a blanket of dark humor? A … Continue reading Fate is Inexorable

Meet the Creator: Abby Paul

The next creator I'm interviewing is Abby Paul, a writer I'm being published alongside in the first Supernatural Beings anthology, From Ashes to Magic. Where are you from or where do you live? I currently reside in a small town in Northern Vermont, and adore the fact it gets cold and snowy! Where do you get … Continue reading Meet the Creator: Abby Paul

Stories of My Scribblings: On Writing and Mental Health

TRIGGER WARNING: If you're triggered by talk of Bipolar Disorder, binge-eating, or overworking, please skip this post. Dishes, laundry, and getting elbow-deep in the toilet. Staring at the wall and contemplating my existence seemed better than opening my word doc and getting to work on my manuscript. Sometime in early-mid 2018, I prepared to undertake … Continue reading Stories of My Scribblings: On Writing and Mental Health

Dreamy Book Cover Tag

Tiana from The Book Raven came up with the  Dreamy Book Cover Tag and I couldn't resist doing it.  I'm going to use the books that I've read this year for this challenge.  I'm tagging jenacidebybibliophile, A Whisper of Ink, and conquerorofworlds to complete this tag.  I hope you enjoy this! The Rules:  1. Thank the … Continue reading Dreamy Book Cover Tag

Quarterly Writing Goals: October, November, and December 2017

The last few months have been hectic to say the least.  Work, writing, and whatnot have dominated any free time I have had, but now I'm getting back into a working schedule (as opposed to the chaotic mess of before).  Of course, I'm in the midst of writing the second book of a five-book series, … Continue reading Quarterly Writing Goals: October, November, and December 2017