Infinite Sunlight

I've gathered the stars for you. I've woven a cloak of infinite sunlight and strung the moon upon a chain for you to wear around your lovely neck. The world's a nightmare; I've made it as enchanting as possible. You refuse to make the dark your home. Copyright © 2019 by Nita Pan All rights … Continue reading Infinite Sunlight

The Unofficial Grand Orchestra

Since I started reading manga steadily in 2012, I've discovered so many unique story lines and wonderful, warped, and wonderfully warped characters.  I've reread Kaori Yuki's Grand Guignol Orchestra series four times since then, so I thought it was about time to write a review of the five-volume series. Heading up the unofficial Grand Orchestra, Lucille … Continue reading The Unofficial Grand Orchestra

Welcome to the Circus Slice and dice, We're playing Tic-Tac-Toe on your skin. Flip the knife and flash that smile, And pray to God you don't miss the apple on my head. The lion growls and the crowd gasps As he sticks his head in between the beast's jaws. Spinning, dancing, and soaring through the air, Our eyes … Continue reading Welcome to the Circus

Down, Down in the Underground

Holding promises of magic, music, and a fairy tale atmosphere, I knew that from the moment I saw S. Jae-Jones's Wintersong it would be love.  For once, I didn't wait eons to bring it home.  I stared at it, smelled the pages, and began consuming it. Ever since she was a child, Liesl heard stories of … Continue reading Down, Down in the Underground