Infinite Sunlight

I've gathered the stars for you. I've woven a cloak of infinite sunlight and strung the moon upon a chain for you to wear around your lovely neck. The world's a nightmare; I've made it as enchanting as possible. You refuse to make the dark your home. Copyright © 2019 by Nita Pan All rights … Continue reading Infinite Sunlight

Mortal Mine

all images found on Pinterest mortal mine, you must accept the goddess inside before she devours you or you diminish her. oh, dear lady, I'm growing bored. darling little human, I'm about to walk away. Copyright © 2019 by Nita PanAll rights reserved. This post or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used … Continue reading Mortal Mine

He is Misery and Mine!

Darkness: Always creeping- Never sleeping! Why can't anyone else see the horrors I'm keeping? Secrets that naught come to light Suffocate me with all their might. Come on, Come with me into the night! Yes, I did see someone Strolling down the street of my nightmares. Watching him smile was quite a feast. He hummed … Continue reading He is Misery and Mine!

The Pit

Trapped in a pit Of Dark and Despair, Can't you see my end everywhere? Oh, how I watch them climb Higher and higher! But a ledge is in the way; A wall separating freedom and pain. The only ones who are free Lay in a pile of rotten flesh. There is no love In this … Continue reading The Pit