A Separate Peace

About a month ago, I bumped into my cousin at the library.  We got to talking and I confessed that I needed something good to read but I seemed to be picking similar books.  After spending a good twenty minutes rifling through bookshelf after bookshelf, we finally decided on A Separate Peace by John Knowles. Even … Continue reading A Separate Peace

Final Act

After the final act The crowd and performers Are lingering together. I say hello to someone I used to know. They nod, eyes glazed over, And they struggle to remember my name. Their face lights up with false recognition. One of our old mutual friends Saves them from our awkward almost conversation. It is then … Continue reading Final Act


Sitting, Sharing with friends. We talk about useless things. Until I bring up a popular conversation starter: Why will we be institutionalized? One's for murder, The others for drug-like symptoms, The other we can't decide. But when I mention the voices, Everyone freezes. I say I've heard them all my life, And one of my … Continue reading Voices