Abigail William’s Revenge

History has always been my favorite subject in school.  No matter what we did in class, whether a test, essay or presentation, I enjoyed it.  That being said, the time when the pilgrims and settlers came to America and the early days of my country is one of my lesser favorites.  Why?  Because I've read … Continue reading Abigail William’s Revenge


Deeper and further back I delve Throughout time and lands far away I search for misery that fits my taste I turn my back on what's around me Because the tragedies on my doorstep hit too close home Copyright © 2017 by Nita Pan All rights reserved.  This post or any portion thereof may not … Continue reading Denial

Pass the Scalpel, Please.

   You better watch out, You better hide. You better run. I'm telling you why, Jack the Ripper is coming to town! As you can tell from that little ditty I came up with above, I'm obsessed with Jack the Ripper.  Well, not just him.  I'm a big fan of unsolved crimes and the more … Continue reading Pass the Scalpel, Please.

Remind Us

Years fly by, Days turn to dust, And we wonder where the time went. The clock spins out of our control, Reminding us how helpless we are. Hours whiz past, Minutes drag on, And we rush about in our busy lives. The calendar pages are quickly filled, Reminding us of all the lost moments. Decades … Continue reading Remind Us