What I Feel

I've screamed. I can't stop crying. I've gotten past the numbness, and all that I am now is a chest-ripping mixture of sorrow, love, and regret. I cannot see myself moving on. Even though you must loathe me, you were my home. I was the one who made the mistake of acting like a monster, … Continue reading What I Feel


I'm down on my hands and scraping my knees. I've made a mistake. I'm praying to God and hoping that it's not too late. It would be great if He said something, Anything at all. Each time that I fall, I break. Please, oh God. I'm losing my faith. Copyright © 2016 by Nita Pan … Continue reading Faith

Gnashing Teeth, Dancing Feet

Gnashing teeth, dancing feet, And beauties all in a row. Whispered jabs and practiced hands Lead you away from what you know. Red lace, tear stains, And wine spills on the carpet. Twisting lies and open thighs Fan your better judgement. Smiling faces, crumpled sheets, And hands roaming each other's bodies. Heavenly sighs and mischievous … Continue reading Gnashing Teeth, Dancing Feet