Dear Depression

Dear Depression, I gave away all of the good parts of me to others in order to feel like you weren't all that I was. I didn't talk to anyone about you; I just bled into my journal. I tried for so long to rescue everyone that I could touch to not feel you for … Continue reading Dear Depression

Nightmare Hours (#2)

They played with a little magic, They relieved a little pain. Now the monsters wreck their havoc, And everyone has to pay. Copyright © 2017 by Nita Pan All rights reserved.  This post or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author … Continue reading Nightmare Hours (#2)

Dear Words

Dear Words, You're long.  You're short.  You can astound us and smash us to minuscule pieces.  We string you together and you define our identity.  I find myself obsessing over how to order you in every page, every paragraph.  I exhaust you throughout the day with both my mouth and pen. They say to use … Continue reading Dear Words

Soul is Floundering

Spinning round, Never touches the ground. His head is grounded Yet his soul is floundering. He wants to touch her himself And not the beast inside him. The beast is all she can see anymore, Even though that isn't what they wanted it to be. Copyright © 2016 by Nita Pan All rights reserved.  This post … Continue reading Soul is Floundering

Tyrants and Cowards

Soldiers are marching, Throwing civilians in trucks Mothers are crying, As their children are taken away Shots are fired, And the cries are silenced Trains are chugging onward, Carrying the  prisoners to their death Tyrants and cowards Rule the Earth. Copyright © 2016 by Nita Pan All rights reserved.  This post or any portion thereof … Continue reading Tyrants and Cowards

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust. Who's going to be left When the weapons hits the ground? What will be left Besides sweet memories? Will anyone save us now As the vapors fill our lungs? All we have left is Rubble on our streets. I hear the screams Of people all around. Nothing's left behind … Continue reading Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Hey Courtney

Hey Courtney, Didn't you see the way he broke After his parents wrapped around that tree? The blank slate of his face when you said it was on purpose. Did you cry when they found that boy's body floating on the lake? ... Hey Courtney, How many times did you throw cupcakes at Alison H.? … Continue reading Hey Courtney

Shake Them Off (Demons)

My demons circle me I can see no way out Perhaps I should give in Have a little of that drink, Pop that pill, And       Just             Stop                   Living. Because it's hard to move with The Devil on … Continue reading Shake Them Off (Demons)


Stomach aching, body shaking. Can't you see the tears I'm faking? Cloudy eyes and clenched throat, I must be faking this hurt. Dizzy heart, out-of-body feeling, Why, I'm such a liar, aren't I? Darkened thoughts and empty soul, I'm such a liar, No one can hurt and not feel this much at the same time. … Continue reading Liar