You Shouldn’t Have Left Me Your Heart

Oh shit. Look at what I’ve done. I’ve destroyed your reputation and relationships. You shouldn’t have left me your heart when you left me. You should never have trusted me to be civil and at like a grown up. I’m a petty bastard, and I’ll ruin you like you ruined me. Copyright © 2018 by … Continue reading You Shouldn’t Have Left Me Your Heart

You, Us, We

I can’t stop thinking about - You. I thought it was my loneliness. I thought it was merely a desire for something simple, uncomplicated, platonic. I thought anything more would ruin - Us. What the hell is going on? A battle royale is exploding in my head, my heart. Doubt in myself, doubt that we could … Continue reading You, Us, We

Wicked and Sharp Winds

The wicked and sharp winds carry our secrets that we thought we buried to the ears of our enemies. You were a fool to think that I wouldn’t scream your deepest fears to whomever would take them. I might not be able to hurt you, but those who loathe us can. Copyright © 2018 by … Continue reading Wicked and Sharp Winds

Dreadful Little Girl

Dreadful little girl. Disgusting witch. Unfeeling bitch. You’re the cause for all of my misery, and I’ll make you regret that you ever bothered with me. Copyright © 2018 by Nita Pan All rights reserved. This post or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written … Continue reading Dreadful Little Girl

Trust Me Even Less

Don’t trust him. He’ll use you, abuse you, and tell his friends that you’re just an old toy that he used. He doesn’t really care. Trust me even less. I’ve used you, held you when you couldn’t take yourself, and kept all of your secrets. I care too much, and I’ll destroy you.   Copyright … Continue reading Trust Me Even Less

Just Hold You

I called myself weak for wanting to hold you. Just hold you. To cradle your body in my arms and for you to know that you were safe with me as the storm raged around us. But you weren’t there. The storm never came because you weren’t there to summon it.   Copyright © 2018 … Continue reading Just Hold You

Wilting, Wilted Rose

Watch me so I won't die, Or someone might see the tears I cry And the smatterings of crimson on my handkerchief. Kiss me to freeze time. Please, trap this moment, Own it, hold it captive in a jar. Take it out and caress it like you used to me When you get lonely. Call it … Continue reading Wilting, Wilted Rose

Whisper to Me

Whisper to me and tell my some lies. Don't walk away Because I know that's not all you can take. You got around to kissing me Goodbye on the and. I knew I'd see you again, But it's still so sad. Hold me.  Please hear me out! I can't stand if it's not the same … Continue reading Whisper to Me

Soul is Floundering

Spinning round, Never touches the ground. His head is grounded Yet his soul is floundering. He wants to touch her himself And not the beast inside him. The beast is all she can see anymore, Even though that isn't what they wanted it to be. Copyright © 2016 by Nita Pan All rights reserved.  This post … Continue reading Soul is Floundering


Life's a battle and hope's the cure. But what do I do when I can't find hope anymore? This love is poison and anyone can see We're clinging on to something that isn't real. I can't deny that there was something strong, But just because it was strong doesn't mean that it wasn't wrong. Oh, … Continue reading Rubble