Pass the Scalpel, Please.

   You better watch out, You better hide. You better run. I'm telling you why, Jack the Ripper is coming to town! As you can tell from that little ditty I came up with above, I'm obsessed with Jack the Ripper.  Well, not just him.  I'm a big fan of unsolved crimes and the more … Continue reading Pass the Scalpel, Please.


Sometimes my subconscious warns me as I'm entering a funk.  These warnings usually revolve around my reading, writing, and eating habits.  Last October, when I checked out The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati, I was on the verge of a funk.  A bad funk.  I didn't start reading the book until the last week of … Continue reading Zero

Lydia, Lydia, LYDIA!

While I knew that it was love the minute I saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it took me a month and much persuasion from the little person inside me to read this.  Yes, it looked cute.  Yes, it seemed funny.  But it seemed very...  chick-flick-y, and I wasn't in in a chick-flick mood.  Still.  It … Continue reading Lydia, Lydia, LYDIA!

Zombies, Ninjas, and Darcy! Oh My!

From the very first moment I saw it, I knew it was love.  A gory, vomit stained, prejudice filled love.  (Hey, no one ever said love is perfect.)  As per usual, I didn't pick it up until two and a half years later as the previews for the movie were just starting to pop up.  It … Continue reading Zombies, Ninjas, and Darcy! Oh My!