Dear Words

Dear Words, You're long.  You're short.  You can astound us and smash us to minuscule pieces.  We string you together and you define our identity.  I find myself obsessing over how to order you in every page, every paragraph.  I exhaust you throughout the day with both my mouth and pen. They say to use … Continue reading Dear Words

Hey Courtney

Hey Courtney, Didn't you see the way he broke After his parents wrapped around that tree? The blank slate of his face when you said it was on purpose. Did you cry when they found that boy's body floating on the lake? ... Hey Courtney, How many times did you throw cupcakes at Alison H.? … Continue reading Hey Courtney

A Better Way

Around the back of the building There's a group of teens getting high There's got to be a better way To escape In the parking lot There's two strangers making love There's got to be a better way To release Hiding in the library There's a student killing himself with his studies There's got to be … Continue reading A Better Way

Nobody Cares

Chaos, Fires raging. Life. Diseases sweeping the nations. People dying. Women crying As their children are swept Into a world Where the past is all but lost. Forgetting where you come from May be the biggest crime of all. It's hard to keep going on Because I can't find any good songs. They're all about … Continue reading Nobody Cares

Too Different

"Be yourself.  No one else can be you." "Be unique!" "You're so original!" "Why are you so...  different?" Wait, what? "Why can't you be like everyone else?" "Normal people don't dress like that." "God, you're such a freak." To this day, I hear people compliment my uniqueness and the very same say that I'm too … Continue reading Too Different