From Ashes to Magic: “Life and Death”

The gods of life and death. A cosmic romance. Mortal conflicts on a divine scale. "Life and Death" in From Ashes to Magic is "fun, philosophical and darkly tragic all at once." Get your copy on Amazon:

Book News: From Ashes to Magic

Cover by the incredible Merry-Book Round. Ten writers and ten short stories about the supernatural. The first in the annual Supernatural Beings anthology, From Ashes to Magic is brimming with tales of witches, gods, vampires, and other assorted magical beings. I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of this amazing project. It's due to … Continue reading Book News: From Ashes to Magic

Let Me In

Please wake up and let me in I'm biting at the cold I want to tear your skin Creeping through the shadows I'm a master of the night Oh, honey darling, let me in I won't hurt you Trust me, I'm your friend So just invite me in I promise it won't hurt much Only … Continue reading Let Me In