Co-Writing for Beginners

My co-writer, C.M. Rosens has offered some wonderful insight on our joint project and all the co-writing process entails.

C. M. Rosens

Writing is a collaborative process. Even if you write purely for yourself, you will be in dialogue with the world around you, your influences, other authors, and the context in which you write. No one can write anything in a vacuum.

There is already a lot of discourse on critique partners, beta readers, sensitivity readers, and content warnings, aimed at both improving an author’s work and improving their relationship with their readership. I’m not wading into this here. I am, however, going to talk about the process of co-writing a novella/novel with someone else, which I’ve often wondered about and thought was not for me… until this year.

My [Our] New Project


I’ve recently started co-writing a novella set in the Pagham-on-Sea universe. Pagham-on-Sea itself appears in one chapter, but the story as a whole is set in Brighton (the real place) in early 2016.

This came about after I…

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Book News: From Ashes to Magic Preorder Special

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