Patreon Lauch

I know I've been pretty quiet on here, but not for nothing. I've been writing and have completed multiple drafts of projects, am putting together a horror anthology, and have been preparing to launch my Patreon. I will be posting dark fantasy, erotic horror, and slasher romance short stories, poetry, novellas, and serialized fiction on … Continue reading Patreon Lauch

Co-Writing for Beginners

My co-writer, C.M. Rosens has offered some wonderful insight on our joint project and all the co-writing process entails.

C. M. Rosens

Writing is a collaborative process. Even if you write purely for yourself, you will be in dialogue with the world around you, your influences, other authors, and the context in which you write. No one can write anything in a vacuum.

There is already a lot of discourse on critique partners, beta readers, sensitivity readers, and content warnings, aimed at both improving an author’s work and improving their relationship with their readership. I’m not wading into this here. I am, however, going to talk about the process of co-writing a novella/novel with someone else, which I’ve often wondered about and thought was not for me… until this year.

My [Our] New Project


I’ve recently started co-writing a novella set in the Pagham-on-Sea universe. Pagham-on-Sea itself appears in one chapter, but the story as a whole is set in Brighton (the real place) in early 2016.

This came about after I…

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From Ashes to Magic: “Life and Death”

The gods of life and death. A cosmic romance. Mortal conflicts on a divine scale. "Life and Death" in From Ashes to Magic is "fun, philosophical and darkly tragic all at once." Get your copy on Amazon:

From Ashes to Magic: Deleted Scene

In celebration for From Ashes to Magic's release this upcoming Monday, I decided to dive into my files. Much to my joy, I found several deleted scenes from my short story in From Ashes to Magic, Life and Death. After going though them, I settled on my favorite bit that didn't make it to the … Continue reading From Ashes to Magic: Deleted Scene

Book News: “Life and Death”

Brimming with love and betrayal, is the divine romance between Life and Death doomed from the start? Pre-order the From Ashes to Magic e-book here:

Stories of My Scribblings: Three Writers, Three Outlining Methods

For today's post, I did something a little different. I interviewed a group of writers who consist of plotters (writers who outline) and plantsers (writers who both outline and write on the seat of their pants). Meet the first three writers, Ari, Rebekah, and Christy. (Feel free to click on their names here and in … Continue reading Stories of My Scribblings: Three Writers, Three Outlining Methods

Mortal Mine

all images found on Pinterest mortal mine, you must accept the goddess inside before she devours you or you diminish her. oh, dear lady, I'm growing bored. darling little human, I'm about to walk away. Copyright © 2019 by Nita PanAll rights reserved. This post or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used … Continue reading Mortal Mine

Writing: a Poem

There's this bursting behind by my eyes. All I can do is write. My chest aches from the almost creative mania. All I can't do is write. My thoughts, my dreams... they ride on this. All I can't do is write. If I don't do this, how will I ever do anything else. All I … Continue reading Writing: a Poem

Stories of My Scribblings: On Writing and Mental Health

TRIGGER WARNING: If you're triggered by talk of Bipolar Disorder, binge-eating, or overworking, please skip this post. Dishes, laundry, and getting elbow-deep in the toilet. Staring at the wall and contemplating my existence seemed better than opening my word doc and getting to work on my manuscript. Sometime in early-mid 2018, I prepared to undertake … Continue reading Stories of My Scribblings: On Writing and Mental Health

My Semi-Secret WIPs and a Joint Project

Phantom Thirst is YA supernatural mystery that was born in a Twitter comment section about a stalkerish ghost, sexually confused vampires, and heroine who just can't even. The amazing Kate and I are writing a story that we've dubbed Signy and Sarah involving time travel, books, and an ex-shield maiden who is sincerely enchanted by … Continue reading My Semi-Secret WIPs and a Joint Project